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Buy Experiences, Not Things…

Published on 6 Nov 2015 by Gwion Llwyd

It’s loomimg. That time when we have to decide what to get our loved ones for Christmas. It gets harder and harder every year and I don’t know about you, but in our household we seem to have everything we need. Getting more ‘stuff’ means a) having to make room by discarding perfectly good other ‘stuff’ b) adding to a pile that after a couple of weeks will gather dust and c) also adding to the already fraught management of ‘screen time’!

Zip World Bethesda

There is a lot of research to support that taking part in an ‘experience’ creates more long term well-being than new material possessions. They tend to be done with others so involves proper social engagement (as apposed to the virtual kind). Accomplishing challenges adds to your personal identity and growth and the memories from an experience create a strong sense of happiness.

So taking all of this into consideration and throw in the fact that connecting with nature is also a good happiness boost, we want to promote the ‘buy experiences, not things’ idea and where better to do it than beautiful, adventure fueled Snowdonia. Here are our top 5:

The Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden® is a revolutionary world-first inland surf lagoon and the UK’s most compelling outdoor adventure destination for you, your friends and the whole family to enjoy. Man made waves mean that you can just get in and surf. No waiting around, just continuous waves that will get you up and surfing in no time. Set in the wonderful Conwy valley, you are surrounded by mountains. It’s a beautiful place to surf.

These guys are the go to for climbing but one of the most exciting things they have on offer is cliff camping. As far as we know, no other company provides such an experience in the UK. Imagine the bragging rights afforded by spending the night high on a vertical cliff face! Original, adventurous and hugely memorable. How many people do you know who have slept on the side of a cliff?

They have the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the world. It’s exhilarating, challenging and can be little bit scary. But the adrenalin rush is incredible and your serotonin levels will be sky high at the end.

National White Water Centre:
The UK home to whitewater rafting, the experience is at it’s best here in Snowdonia. Dam controlled water ensures that thundering and constant rapids are guaranteed throughout the year. This really is an experience not to be missed; enjoy thrilling white water, reliable river conditions and a beautiful natural environment!

“Wales’ best adventure boat tour company”. It’s a hard claim to live up to, but they do it. Taking a Rib down the Menai straights at high speed, through the whirlpools and under the bridges is an amazing experience. You will tour the coast line of Anglesey where there is an incredible amount of interesting history including Nelsons exploits, the puffins, the monks and the shenanigans that took place at Plas Newydd. Its a fabulous adventure for all the family.

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