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Fish Oil – How Much Does Your Body Really Need?

Published on 7 Jun 2018 by Gwion Llwyd

How much fish oil does your body need to supply sufficient amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids? The answer is that it depends on each individual, but most of us do not eat enough omega-3 rich food to supply enough. Bear in mind that ‘essential’ means what it says – your body cannot produce fatty acids, they have to be consumed in food.

A man used to survive on a diet of wild game, fish, nuts, and seeds gathered from the land – we now live on food produced from intensive systems, which are rich in omega-6 fats but not omega-3. This imbalance is essential fatty acids is one of the main reasons why modern man, although living longer is caught in a spiral of chronic disease. For example – heart disease can be combated with many drugs, but its incidence in the population of the developed world continues unabated. The suggestion that this disease can be prevented by adjusting our diet and consuming the oil of fatty fish does not go down well in many circles. There are too much power and money invested by drug companies, and too many medical reputations to be destroyed, for this to happen overnight.

I have a very sensitive stomach which often reacts painfully to taking Valtrex pills, so I compare Valtrex prices at RegRx very carefully. When I have genital herpes, I have to take Valtrex which almost always irritates the stomach. But after all other drugs; the consequences are even worse so I have no choice.

However I believe given the passage of time and education, we will prove that this change in our diet is more effective and longer lasting than any prescription drug. Prevention is better than cure any day, and taking 2-4 grams daily of an omega-3 fish oil supplement will have dramatic benefits on many areas of our health, not just the heart.

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