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How To Be Happy | The Answer Might Be in Snowdonia

Published on 29 May 2015 by Gwion Llwyd

50% of happiness is determined by our genes, 10% is from our circumstances, job, house, status etc, leaving the remaining 40% down to us to manage.

Whats the secret? The chemical in our bodies that promotes happiness is dopamine and from our teenage years onwards, if we do not actively try to create it in our bodies, it will naturally decrease and not be reproduced. If you don’t use it, you loose it.

How To Be Happy | The Answer Might Be In Snowdonia

How do we create it? There are 4 recognised ways in which to increase dopamine levels:

  1. Close Network. Having a close and supportive network of family and friends. Spending time with them is important and those that do tend to me much happier and fulfilled.
  2. New Experiences. Changing the way you do things or going on adventures is a high dopamine releaser. It could be as simple as a different running route every morning or the big adventure. But either way, variety being the spice of life is truer than you think
  3. Physical Activity. Physical activity is a quick and surefire way to achieve that release of dopamine.
  4. Flow. Flow is when a person is doing something they enjoy so much, they totally loose themselves in the activity. Because the person is doing something they want to, it gives a sense of control whilst the loss of self means there are no problems at that moment in time. People who experience flow on a regular basis, are happier.

Where can you go that will tick all the boxes for those extreme dopamine highs? Snowdonia of course!

Why not grab the family or group of friends together and head on over. We certainly have everything you need for adventure. Physical activity is par of the course with all the walking and activities that we have here. Getting away from it all is sure to help with your ‘Flow’.

Come on, get happy in Snowdonia.

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