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Our guide to Zip World: Four adrenaline fuelled days out at Zip World

Published on 24 Jul 2022 by Amy Greenwood

If someone asked where you thought the best place for zip-lining is, where would you say? Yes, it would be an unusual question, but the answer might be quite unusual and surprising too. 

Thanks to the creative geniuses behind Zip World, North Wales has become the unofficial zip-lining capital of the world. If you’re an adventurous spirit or just love trying new things, then visiting Zip World should be your next adventurous day out in North Wales!

Since the opening of their first site at Penrhyn Quarry in 2013, Zip World has opened three other locations in North Wales. 

They now have:

  1. Penrhyn Quarry
  2. Llechwedd Slate Caverns
  3. Zip World Fforest
  4. Zip World Rhyl

Each location offers zip-lining adventures and other unique and exciting activities so you can experience something different at each location. 

Ready to dive into this guide at over 100mph so you can plan your next adrenaline-fueled day out in North Wales? Let’s do it!

Things to do when visiting Zip World Penrhyn Quarry

Our guide to Zip World: Four adrenaline fuelled days out at Zip World

The four activities at Penrhyn Quarry are: 

  1. Velocity 2
  2. Quarry Karts 
  3. Quarry Flyer 
  4. Penrhyn Quarry Tour

When Velocity 2 opened at Penrhyn Quarry almost a decade ago, everyone was talking about it. It’s still the fastest zip-line in the world and the longest in Europe. You can speed down the 1.5km-long zip-line over the vast former quarry while enjoying stunning views of the landscape. If you’re not too busy screaming your head off, that is!

Even better, you can zoom down the zip-line with three people alongside you too. Brave under 18s can also join in the fun as long as they meet the height and weight restrictions. And if you have a friend or family member who doesn’t fancy a go but wants to witness you plunge into a quarry, Zip World has viewing areas.

Quarry Karts is the UK’s only mountain cart experience along a 3km slate track. The Quarry Flyer is the perfect alternative to Velocity 2 for kids. 

And if you don’t have a need for speed, you can enjoy a 90-minute drive around the site in a red army truck on the Quarry Tour. This is a popular activity for family members to enjoy while other people in your group are on the zip-line!

Things To Do When Visiting Zip World Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Llechwedd’s popular attractions include:

  1. Titan 2 zip-line
  2. Bounce Below
  3. Caverns
  4. Deep Mine Tour
  5. Underground Golf (coming soon)

Only 25 miles south of Penrhyn Quarry is Llechwedd Slate Caverns. Their Titan 2 zip-line may not be as long and fast as Velocity 2 but the experience is just as thrilling. Their four-person zip-line is almost right in the centre of the Snowdonia National Park so you can gaze at a panorama of mountains as you plummet into an old cavern.

Bounce Below is a unique underground trampoline experience and the Caverns adventure is a three-hour obstacle course through their old slate mines.

But if you’re more of a history buff than a thrill seeker then you can join their Deep Mine Tour and learn about the cavern’s past. The tour includes a ride on their underground cable railway so you won’t miss out on a mini adrenaline rush.

If you’re in the area at Christmas time then it’s well worth visiting the mine’s magical underground grotto. The mine and the cable car are decorated with twinkly lights, Christmas figures and ‘snow’ and Father Christmas himself is there to welcome visitors and find out what the children would like for Christmas.

Things to do when visiting Zip World Fforest

Our guide to Zip World: Four adrenaline fuelled days out at Zip World

Zip World Fforest attractions include:

  1. Plummet 2
  2. Skyride 2
  3. Zip Safari 2
  4. TreeHoppers assault course
  5. Treetop Nets
  6. Fforest Coaster

Nestled in Gwydir Forest Park, Zip World Fforest has no less than six fun activities that offer something for the whole family. If you’re looking for a day out with young children then this is the best option.

Zip World Fforest’s signature thrill is the Plummet 2, a tandem-drop experience from a trap door at the top of a 100ft tower. 

If plummeting at high speeds isn’t your cup of tea, what about swinging over the Conwy Valley on Europe’s highest swing? Zip World Fforest’s Skyride 2 allows you and four friends to soar 80ft in the air over and over again.

But if you’re keen to try zip-lining, their Zip Safari 2 adventure gives you the chance to fly 60ft through the treetops. There are 21 zip-lines in total on this treetop activity with 17 other fun extras like rope bridges.

Zip Safari 2 is perfect for adults and older kids, but the TreeHoppers assault course is ideal for children new to swinging around in trees. It’s only 7m off the ground with 12 zip-lines and 22 bonus activities.

To finish off the list, Treetop Nets is Zip World Fforest’s trampoline park 60ft above ground and their Fforest Coaster is the UK’s only alpine roller coaster. Phew!

Things to do when visiting Zip World Rhyl

Zip World Rhyl attractions:

  1. Skyflyer
  2. Big Red zip-line

Zip World Rhyl’s Skyflyer is a balloon airship which can take you and the whole family up to 400ft in the air to gaze down on the beautiful Rhyl coast. It’s a much more relaxing experience than you would normally expect from Zip World but still no less exciting.

And if you do want your adrenaline fix for the day, you can race your loved ones on their Big Red 30ft high zip-line. They have two parallel zip-lines starting at their big red tower and if you loved it the first time (or you lost the race!), you can have a rematch.

Food, drink and other facilities

All Zip World’s sites in North Wales have cafes or bars and amenities to make your visit as easy and enjoyable as possible. They all have free parking, onsite toilets and the larger sites have lockers and shops too.

At Penrhyn Quarry, their Blondin Restaurant is a bistro-style venue with a locally-inspired menu. Llechwedd Cafe serves both hot and cold meals and you can recharge after swinging from the trees at the Fforest Caffi. 

Zip World Rhyl’s 1892 Restaurant has beautiful sea views in the Pavilion building across from the site.

Zip World Fforest is the most dog-friendly site, allowing you to bring your furry friends everywhere but on the attractions. Llechwedd and Penrhyn Quarry also offer pet care during some seasons. Check ahead if you need someone to take care of your dog while you’re zipping around the site. 

What to wear and how to prepare for Zip World

Like any extreme sport or activity, there are some regulations in place to keep you safe. These are mostly common sense rules like tying up long hair and wearing sensible shoes. I recommend wearing activewear for most activities, the kind of thing you’d wear walking or to exercise would be perfect.

Zip World also has height and weight restrictions. Most of the activities have a maximum weight of 130kg and minimum height of 1.2m. It’s a good idea to double check the height of your kids before you arrive at Zip World to avoid disappointment.

Opening hours, tickets and the best time of year to visit

Zip World is open year-round and, as with most outdoor UK activities, most of these attractions are best visited in the spring, summer and autumn. Llechwedd Slate Caverns are underground so these are great to visit in the winter when rain or snow won’t impact your day. Some activities can be cancelled due to very bad weather. Check their ride status in the morning before heading to Zip World.

Zip World also gets much busier in the school holidays and on weekends so definitely book ahead during these times. The activities at Zip World range from £10 to £89 and there are discounts if you book more than one activity at each location.

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