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Secret Beaches In North Wales

Published on 30 Jul 2018 by Gwion Llwyd

North Wales is a haven for some truly stunning beaches, some of which are hard to find. Tucked away along the coast line, there are secret coves mixed with miles of golden sand found at the end of a beaten track. Volcanic rocks, turquoise waters and if you’re lucky, a bit of dolphin spotting. Here are our favourite secret beaches in North Wales.

To make the most of your days there, go prepared – it goes hand in hand that these places don’t have a convenience store you can run to. Pack a bag with everything you need for the day including some sea shoes so that you can jump off those rocks and explore everything they have on offer.

When you lay back, basking in the sun, taking in the scenery and enjoying the beautiful waters you will feel like you’ve had some real time out.



Where to find it: 52.835705, -4.724013

Just on the North side of the LLyn Peninsula, Porthor is one of the best secret beaches in North Wales. On a sunny day, you truly feel like you could be in the mediterranean. Just a short walk from the carpark, the beach is relatively small due to the fact it is in a cove. With the volcanic rocks at either end of the beach, the water is crystal blue and so clear. There are also little rock pools that you can sit in where the water is warm.

Swimming is safe as it is a bay and if you have children in tow, there is lots to keep them entertained especially with all the rocks. This beach does actually have a cafe so if you do run out of supplies, it is not the end of the world!


Secret Beaches In North Wales


Where to find it: 52.845012, -4.119899

The Zig Zags is actually the name of the walk that takes you down to the very southern tip of Harlech Beach. It’s a lovely walk that as its namesake suggests, zig zags down the hill. Harlech Beach is 5 miles long and very popular due to its size and the warmer water, but this little part is a bit more special. Far from the madding crowds of the main area, it is more secluded and protected due to the steep hill behind. Along with rocks to one side to explore, on a very low tide, you will also be treated to an airplane wreck from WWII which is buried in the sand bed. Great for swimming and if you are up for it, you can walk around to Llandawg beach too.



Where to find it: 52.943620, -4.568770

Best known for its pub on the beach, the Ty Coch, Porthdinllaen is certainly a place to visit when you are on the Llyn Peninsula. A great place to go and enjoy a sociable day having lunch under the pergolas at the pub with live music – they have a real mix of musical talent including a harpist.

The bay itself is great for kayaking, SUP and general swimming. Whilst this one may not be so secret, isn’t straightforward which is why it is missed on lots of people’s beach destinations. Make your way to Nefyn golf club and they will be more than happy to direct you from there.


Secret Beaches in North Wales


Where to find it: 52.782709, -4.122513

We can’t really describe Bennar Beach as one of the most secret beaches in North Wales. But it’s definitely undervalued. Based in Dyffryn Ardudwy, unless you happen to be staying at the caravan park at the far end, you wouldn’t know this beach existed as its quite far down off the main road. In my opinion, this one of the best beaches the area has to offer. A large, expansive sandy beach backed by sand dunes which are great to either sunbathe in if you’re an adult or run down if you are a child! The dunes are especially good for those days when there is a slight wind. A great place for setting up for the day and enjoying a bbq looking out to sea and when there is low tide, the beach itself is covered with small pools of warm water which the kids will happily spend hours in whiling away the day.



Where to find it: 52.911397, -4.141814

Borth Y Gest is a small hamlet just outside of Porthmadog. The main beach isn’t a place you would spend a beach day, but if you head west out of the hamlet, you will first come to a lovely beach with lots of pirates coves (my kids have loved playing in these for years!) However, if you walk a further 10 mins, past the houses, the path takes you down to a secluded beach with turquoise waters. It’s quiet as most people don’t think to walk that far or get sidetracked by the pirates coves! Its lovely for swimming and there is plenty of shelter and is a great place to go if you want more of a quieter day compared to the larger and more popular Black Rock Sands which is the next beach along as you walk.

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