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The physical and mental benefits of hot tubs

Published on 23 May 2022 by Amy Bowers

Who doesn’t love a hot tub holiday! There is nothing better than that first evening at a holiday cottage when you slip into the hot tub and let all your stress slip away. That’s the moment when you feel like you’re really on holiday. You fully relax, let yourself unwind and let out all the tension you didn’t realise you were holding on to.

If it’s an early morning dip then a steamy cup of coffee in the hot tub is the best way to start the day. And if it’s an evening soak then I can’t think of a better place to relax and chat about the day’s adventures.

A hot tub is a great place for young children to splash about and have fun too. Kids love to have a warm, mini swimming pool and it will keep them entertained for hours everyday! It’s a place for family games and precious memories to be made. 

It’s also a lovely place for grown up chats and romantic evenings. Who could resist a glass of bubbles in the bubbles in the moonlight!?

I’m particularly partial to a dip in a hot tub when it’s cold outside. The contrast between the hot water and the cold air is invigorating and that quick dash into the tub makes you feel alive!

We all love hot tubs and finding a holiday cottage with a hot tub makes your holiday even more special. But did you know there are so many physical and mental benefits of hot tubs. It’s not all fun and games and romantic evenings, hot tubs have significant benefits on our minds and bodies.

Hot tubs can be a natural remedy to so many common ailments that most of us suffer with from time to time. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, joint pain, aching muscles, insomnia, tiredness, weight gain or conditions such as high blood pressure and even type 2 diabetes. Yes, regular soaks in a hot tub can help with all of these! Sounds like a perfect excuse to book a hot tub holiday if you ask me!

Take a look at our holiday cottages in North Wales with hot tubs!

The physical benefits of a hot tub

The physical and mental benefits of hot tubs

Let’s start with the physical benefits of hot tubs…

Widens blood vessels, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure

The warm water of a hot tub can widen your blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow freely to improve circulation and lower your blood pressure. Better circulation means more oxygen is running through your body and generally helps you feel great. 

Loosens tight muscles and helps with swelling

This improvement in circulation can help relieve pain, loosen tight muscles and help reduce swelling. The jets of water feel great on tight muscles and provide a hydrotherapy massage.

Buoyancy of the water takes weight off joints

Being in the water takes the pressure off your joints and ligaments and helps you feel buoyant and light. People with back pain or anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down can really benefit from this.

Soaking in hot water burns calories

Did you know that soaking in hot water can burn calories? Now we’re not suggesting you replace your usual exercise with a hot tub but one study found that sitting in a hot bath for an hour can burn up to 140 calories. If you’re able to move around the hot tub and perform simple exercises such as raising and lowering your legs then you’ll burn even more calories.

Coincidentally, there are about 140 calories in a glass of wine so if you drink it slowly in the hot tub then you’re effectively cancelling it out!

Helps with the pain of arthritis

Hot tubs aren’t a cure for arthritis but they can significantly help ease the pain and increase mobility. If you’re able to perform gentle stretches whilst in the hot tub then you’ll see the best results.

Softer, clearer skin

A relaxing soak in a hot tub can also lead to clearer skin as the heat and steam open your pores. The oil and dirt can then be removed and leave you with fresher, clearer skin.

Provided there aren’t too many chemicals in the tub you’ll quickly notice the skin over your whole body is significantly softer.

The mental benefits of hot tubs

There are plenty of physical benefits to a hot tub, but what about the mental benefits?

The white noise of the jets is soothing

The constant white noise created by the water jets has a surprisingly soothing effect. Many people find this white noise helps them to relax as it calms a busy mind.

Personally, I like to have the jets on and then turn them off after 10-15 minutes and it suddenly feels so quiet. You then notice the silence, the bird song, the sound of a stream sushing by and the gentle noises of the countryside.

It’s a sociable place to chat

A hot tub is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. A hot tub invites you to sit and chat, whether you’re with friends, family or your partner. There are limited distractions with no phones or screens and you’re positioned to face one another and focus on the conversation.

We all know how important simple conversations are for our mental health. Just chatting about our day can lead to the release of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins which make us feel good.

Quality time with friends

The sociable space of a hot tub also leads to stronger connections with our friends which has such a positive effect on our emotional wellbeing.

Time to think

Hot tubs aren’t always about being sociable and gathering with your nearest and dearest. Hot tubs can be a place for quiet contemplation and a space to relax with your own thoughts. Start your day with an early morning dip before the rest of the family wake up and simply enjoy the silence, the fresh air and the birds and trees around you. It’s the most peaceful way to start the day!

Physical AND mental benefits

Hot water helps us sleep

One of the most powerful benefits of a hot tub has both a physical and mental impact on us and that’s helping us to sleep.

First of all, the hot tub helps you to mentally relax so your mind feels calmer and more willing to sleep. But the hot water also has a physical impact on you. Your core temperature drops when you leave the hot water and this drop in temperature is a signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

A better night’s sleep can help our bodies recover, strengthen our immune system and give us more energy the following day. An increase in energy leads to a better mood, the ability to make better decisions, improved memory and we choose healthier food choices.

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