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Experience Nature: Join the Big Butterfly Count in North Wales

Published on 15 Jul 2024 by Amy Greenwood

At Dioni, we don’t just offer you high-quality holiday cottages in North Wales; we offer you an experience that blends comfort, adventure, and a touch of whimsy. This summer, while you relax in one of our beautiful self-catering cottages, why not flutter into action and join the Big Butterfly Count? It’s a delightful way to enjoy nature and contribute to a worthy cause.

What is the Big Butterfly Count?

The Big Butterfly Count, organised by Butterfly Conservation, is the world’s largest butterfly survey. It invites people across the UK to count and identify butterflies, helping scientists gather crucial data about these beautiful creatures. Butterflies are more than just a pretty sight; they’re indicators of a healthy environment. Changes in their populations can signal shifts in our ecosystems, making your participation vital.

Why Count Butterflies in North Wales?

North Wales is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, and our holiday cottages are the perfect base for exploring this natural paradise. From the rugged mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia) to the stunning coastlines, our diverse habitats are home to many butterfly species. Whether you’re lounging in the garden of your Dioni cottage or hiking through lush meadows, there’s always a fluttering friend nearby.

How to Participate

Joining the Big Butterfly Count is as easy as pie (and just as satisfying):

  1. Get Ready: Download the Big Butterfly Count app or print a butterfly identification chart from their website. This handy tool will help you identify the different species you encounter.
  2. Find Your Spot: Choose a location around your holiday cottage or venture into nearby parks and meadows. North Wales offers a myriad of perfect spots for butterfly spotting.
  3. Count Away: Spend 15 minutes observing and counting the butterflies you see. Enter your findings on the app or the website. You can do this multiple times during the count period, which usually runs from mid-July to early August.

Make It a Family Affair

The Big Butterfly Count is a fantastic activity for all ages. It’s educational, fun, and a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones. Imagine your kids’ faces lighting up as they spot a Red Admiral or a Painted Lady for the first time. And for the grown-ups, it’s a peaceful, mindful way to connect with nature. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to lounge in the garden with a glass of something cold.

Why Your Count Matters

Your butterfly count might seem like a small act, but it contributes to a big picture. Each count helps track trends in butterfly populations, guiding conservation efforts and environmental policies. By participating, you’re helping protect these delicate creatures and the habitats they depend on.

Tips for a Successful Butterfly Count

  • Time It Right: Butterflies love sunny weather, so plan your count for a warm, sunny day between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Stay Still: Butterflies are easily startled. Find a comfy spot, stay still, and let them come to you.
  • Use Your Tools: Keep your identification chart handy to accurately log the butterflies you see.

Discover More Than Just Butterflies

While you’re out counting butterflies, take the time to enjoy everything North Wales has to offer. Explore the dramatic landscapes of Eryri, relax on the beautiful beaches, or visit charming local villages. And at the end of the day, return to your cosy Dioni cottage, where comfort and luxury await.

Share Your Experience

Don’t forget to share your Big Butterfly Count adventures! Use the hashtag #BigButterflyCount and tag us at @DioniCottages on social media. We love seeing your photos and hearing your stories. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage others to join the count and appreciate the beauty of North Wales.

Book Your Stay with Us

Ready to combine a relaxing holiday with a meaningful activity? Book your stay at one of our North Wales holiday cottages today. At Dioni, we offer a range of stunning properties that cater to every taste, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a solo retreat. Experience the magic of North Wales and make a difference with the Big Butterfly Count.

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